Miltoncross Academy (TKAT) Case Study

2019-10-02 13:48:35

A Hampshire school that installed a modern electronic reception system is urging other educational establishments to follow suit.

The 1,000-pupil Miltoncross Academy in Portsmouth has been using the pioneering e-Reception Book since June 2017.

The system, created by innovative digital agency MediaBase Direct, is a digital alternative to the traditional, non-compliant visitors’ book. The easily-installed and customisable, tablet-based, fully confidential e-Reception Book streamlines the signing-in process and enhances the visitor experience.

Miltoncross business director Chris Purnell said: “I wouldn’t hesitate to absolutely recommend the system to other schools. It has been a real revelation to us and has transformed the way our reception operates".

“As you can imagine – with 1,000 students, 112 permanent staff, many other workers and dozens of visitors daily – our reception area is an exceptionally busy place".

“All staff use the system to sign in and out so I know my staff list is always up to date and visitors – who can easily see our fire and health and safety regulations – are also monitored".

The purpose-built school in Miltoncross Academy, part of TKAT, opened in 2000 and is a fully inclusive school for 11 to 16-year-olds. It is also on a very large site.

Chris added: “Our geography means that one of the very best aspects of e-Reception Book is that when visitors sign in the system fires off an automatically-generated email to the person they are due to visit".

“That is a godsend to our very busy receptionists who in the past would have to ring that person – and if they didn’t pick up would face a lengthy trek to alert them, leaving other visitors waiting".

“The e-Reception Book ticks every box for me – data protection laws, fire regulations and visitor monitoring – and it is also much more affordable than other systems on the market".

Join the thousands of schools that have chosen the e-Reception Book to support their visitor and staff management.