e-Reception Book MIS Integration.

2019-10-02 13:43:36

The e-Reception Book, Education Edition securely integrates with the leading Management Information Systems (MIS), including SIMS and RM Integris. We provide both read and write access. Changes from your e-Reception Book and MIS are reflected in both systems, making the process simple and fully automated. Once connected, your staff and student data is automatically kept in sync, simplifying the management process. 

The e-Reception Book uses Wonde, a secure and encrypted platform that provides schools with the tools to manage their data with other chosen solutions. Wonde is used by over 12,000 schools.

Wonde securely integrates with your MIS, providing both read and write access to school data through standardised datasets and an easy to use API. 

Do not feel alarmed, it may sound technical but the integration process is incredibly simple and easy to set-up.

The benefits :

Late arriving or early leaving pupils can check-in/out via the e-Reception Book device, with the information, being recorded back into your MIS, automatically and securely. For example late marks,.

Staff and student lists will be securely and automatically updated from your school MIS. For staff, email addresses and phone numbers will be updated on the system. 

As new staff and students are added to your MIS, they are instantly added to your e-Reception Book, eliminating any manual updating.

All information is kept in sync and recorded on both systems, simplifying the data management process.

Secure integration is priced from £99.99 ex VAT/Annually for Infant & Primary schools and £179.99 ex VAT/Annually for Secondary. 

Please do get in touch with one of our team if you would like further information regarding MIS integration.