DBS & Other Educational Features.

2019-10-02 13:54:48

The e-Reception Book includes many educational Industry-specific features such as MIS integration, a DBS check and late/early leaving pupil check-in. Priced from just £249.99 ex VAT/Annually.

DBS Check:

For the Education Edition, our DBS check features barred list information ensuring the safeguarding of your students while complying with Ofsted requirements. 

Prior to check-in, pre-register contractors, confirming and inputting key DBS credentials. Be instantly alerted if a contractor has checked-in without being DBS checked or that their DBS is invalid or expired. 

Manage all your DBS contractors via the secure, e-Reception Book dashboard.

DBS contractors can also sign documents such as disclaimer forms, directly on the device screen upon check-in.

Pupil Check-in/out

Late arriving pupils are now able to simply check-in and provide a reason for their late arrival on the device. This information is recorded/accessible via the dashboard. Early leaving pupils are also able to check-out and provide a reason. Also, with our MIS integration, information such as late marks can be recorded back to your schools MIS. All instant and secure.

Do your students need to let you know if they require a lunch? If yes, the e-Reception Book has you covered. Ask customisable questions, at the point of check-in. 

Simple To Use:

The e-Reception Book has been designed for all ages to use, with ease. Check-in with a few simple taps or make use of our powerful QR feature.

Fire Evacuation:

In the event of a fire/evacuation, the e-Reception Book and the online dashboard can provide an instant and accurate list of who's within the building, enabling a more effective and efficient evacuation role-call.

e-Reception Book MIS Integration:

Our Education Edition can securely integrate with all the leading Management Information Systems (MIS), including SIMS, RM Integris and Arbor.

The e-Reception Book is used and trusted by over 1000+ educational facilities, including nurseries, schools, academies, colleges and universities. Book a demo with one of our team to see all the many features and benefits of the solution.